In today’s blockchain gaming world, if there’s a project worth participating in, it has to be Anome. It offers an ideal choice for players who want to enjoy the game while also earning money. Anome’s innovative gameplay and support for cross-chain gaming mechanisms not only provide players with multiple earning avenues but also expand their earnings through collaborations with other ecosystem projects.

Singapore, Singapore, 21st Jun 2024 – In today’s blockchain gaming world, if there’s a project worth participating in, it has to be Anome. It offers an ideal choice for players who want to enjoy the game while also earning money. Anome’s innovative gameplay and support for cross-chain gaming mechanisms not only provide players with multiple earning avenues but also expand their earnings through collaborations with other ecosystem projects.
Multiple Earnings: Cross-Ecosystem Benefits
Anome not only offers various earnings within its platform but also creates additional profit opportunities through collaborations with other ecosystem projects. This “multiple earnings” model allows players to profit not only on the Anome platform but also through participation in other projects.
Specifically, Anome collaborates with multiple blockchain projects, allowing players to use NFT cards from other platforms within the Anome ecosystem. For instance, players can purchase NFT cards from gaming platforms collaborating with Anome and generate Anome card assets via the ERC404 protocol to participate in more games and activities, earning more rewards and profits. This cross-platform collaboration greatly enhances the usage value and earning potential of NFT cards.
Moreover, Anome’s design supports cross-chain gaming, where interactions with multiple public chains generate significant on-chain data. This data may be used for future airdrops by other projects. For example, while the Bitlayer project has not yet issued its token, players have generated valuable interaction data through gaming and interactions on the Anome platform, which could be the basis for future Bitlayer airdrops. In other words, players not only earn on the Anome platform but also gain additional potential earnings through interactions with other projects.
Decentraland is another comparable project where users can purchase, build, and trade virtual land. Its success lies in its open virtual world and user-generated content. However, the high prices of virtual land limit market acceptance and make it difficult for many ordinary users to participate. In contrast, Anome’s significant advantage is its lower entry barrier. The initial card price is just 0.3 USDT, allowing more people to easily participate in Anome’s card games and earn profits. Through dynamic pricing and diversified revenue models, earnings can be distributed into more cards, achieving compound wealth growth. Anome provides broader earning opportunities for users.
Beyond Bitlayer’s project, the UNI airdrop by Uniswap also caused a stir in the blockchain community. In September 2020, Uniswap airdropped UNI tokens to early users, with each user who had used Uniswap before September 1, 2020, receiving 400 UNI tokens. Initially valued at around $1,200, the 400 UNI tokens’ value exceeded $12,000 at their peak.
Similarly, 1inch users received a significant 1INCH token airdrop in December 2020, with eligible users receiving 600 tokens, valued at around $1,800 at the time.
In August 2021, the decentralized derivatives exchange dYdX airdropped DYDX tokens to early users, with rewards based on their trading volume and activity time. Many users received token rewards worth thousands of dollars.
Given these examples, Anome’s card airdrop is also highly anticipated, especially now that Anome has released card airdrop activities in cooperation with various Layer 2 projects. Players only need to participate in activities to gain the opportunity to earn from Anome at zero cost.

Anome Games: Earn While Playing
Anome’s unique game ecosystem design allows players to earn real profits in multiple ways. The gameplay is simple, making it easy for any player to get started. Players can earn rewards like cards and USDT by completing various limited-time interactive tasks, participating in game battles, and winning matches. These rewards include platform tokens that can be traded directly on secondary markets post-launch, converting directly into real income.
Axie Infinity, a well-known blockchain game project, attracts users with its “play-to-earn” model, where players purchase and raise Axies to participate in battles and tasks, earning SLP and AXS tokens. However, Axie Infinity’s economic model has certain issues, with significant token price fluctuations leading to unstable player earnings. As the in-game token prices heavily depend on market demand, a decline in new players can cause token prices to drop significantly, reducing old players’ earnings. In contrast, Anome ensures stable and predictable earnings for players through a stable card appreciation mechanism and diversified revenue models.

Anome’s ERC404 Cards: Unique Value
Anome’s cards are generated via the ERC404 protocol, allowing players to create unique Anome card assets using any NFT in the future. These cards can be used for collection, trading, gaming, and collateralized lending. Card prices increase dynamically through continuous burning, and early-acquired cards may significantly appreciate in value, offering considerable profits to players. This mechanism is similar to CryptoPunks, an early NFT project where each Punk is a unique pixel art collectible with high collection value. However, CryptoPunks primarily rely on collection value with limited application scenarios. In contrast, Anome not only offers collection value but also increases practical application value and earning potential through in-game use and trading.

Lending and Financial Flexibility
Anome’s unique non-liquidation lending mechanism provides players with more financial flexibility and security. Unlike traditional DeFi lending platforms, Anome’s non-liquidation mechanism ensures users’ collateral assets are not force-liquidated due to market volatility. On the Anome platform, players can use card assets as collateral to obtain liquidity. These cards as collateral secure the loan funds, allowing players to obtain funds without selling the cards for further investment or consumption.
Aave and Compound are renowned DeFi lending platforms where users can borrow by collateralizing cryptocurrencies. However, a major issue is liquidation risk. During significant market volatility, the collateral value can quickly drop, leading to automatic liquidation to ensure loan safety. This not only increases user risk but can also exacerbate market volatility. Anome’s non-liquidation mechanism avoids this issue, ensuring user assets are not liquidated due to price fluctuations, safeguarding asset security and lending experience.
Anome creates multiple earning opportunities through its innovative economic model and collaborations with other ecosystem projects. Its unique dynamic pricing mechanism and non-liquidation lending feature enhance the game’s fun and challenge while providing real economic returns to players. In the blockchain gaming world, Anome is undoubtedly a platform worth attention and participation. Players can earn in-game rewards through tasks and battles and trade cards in the market for immediate profits. The Upward-only pricing mechanism allows players to buy low and sell high, achieving market arbitrage and further increasing earnings. The market’s liquidity and transparency ensure players can trade fairly and profit more.
By playing Anome games, you can not only enjoy the gaming fun but also realize profits in multiple ways. Whether through in-game rewards, card trading, or non-liquidation lending, Anome offers you rich earning opportunities.

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