UN NGO CSW68 United Nations Equity Forum held in New York, organized by the Lovetree Foundation. It highlights the focus on cultural, gender, species, and digital equity issues, showcasing the foundation’s efforts and achievements in these areas over the years, including descriptions of speeches and performances by experts from various fields, emphasizing their commitment to advancing equal, diverse, and inclusive social development. Ultimately, it underscores the significance of the forum as a vital platform for collectively addressing global equity issues.

Taipei, Taiwan, 28th Mar 2024 –  New York, March 11th to March 22nd, 2024, became the focal point of global equity issues, hosting a grand international conference. Lovetree  Foundation hosted the UN NGO CSW68 United Nations Equity Forum on March 22nd, aiming to lead exploration of new dimensions and themes in equity issues. This forum focused on important issues such as cultural, gender, species, and digital equity, continuing and promoting the Lovetree Foundation’s philosophy of diverse arts equity development for over 40 years.


        Chairman of Lovetree Foundation, James Wei ( I-Lung Wei), emphasized the criticality of ESG equity and digital cultural equity, kicking off the equity forum. CEO Tony Yuan ( Chia-Fu Yuan ) and international male model Luca Cuni humorously focused on the practice of cultural equity, sharing the foundation’s experience and achievements in this field over the years. Cellist Professor Chien-An Chen, through musical performance, complemented the opening remarks, leading the discussion on equity issues from a unique artistic perspective. Subsequently, Professor Pedro Cuni of Parsons University explored the history and impact of women’s equity from a visual arts perspective. During the tea break, attendees shared the aesthetics of the tea ceremony with representatives of Sawakai tea ceremony, Professor Koizumi Soubi, and handsome physician tea master  Ito Shun, appreciating the expression and performance of diverse arts. 
(Note:茶和会(Sawakai)  Tea Party Date: 2024 May 19 (Sunday), Time: 10a.m. to 5p.m., Place: Kyoto International Conference Center, Tea Ceremony House Hoshoan, 
Fee: 200USD, Contact adress: Ito.medtea@gmail.com)

Cellist Professor  Chien-An Chen

 Ito Shun (Left) & Professor Koizumi Soubi (Right)

       Alice Tsai ( Yi-Hsin Tsai), the moderator of the UN NGO CSW68 Forum, wears multiple hats: Co-founder of Ambassadors Capital, entrepreneur behind Leg.ai, a legal AI platform, venture partner at Assembly Partners, a web3 VC, and a contributor to 她 Ta Zhi DAO, a women-led community in Asia. Passionate about community-building and fostering positive social impact, Alice garnered inspiration from championing equality at the UN forum by showcasing speakers from Taiwan in NYC.

Co-founder of Ambassadors Capital-Alice Tsai ( Yi-Hsin Tsai)

        Artist Patty Lin( Pei-Ting Lin) discussed Gender equality thinking in creative art and the rise of female empowerment in economic decision-making at the event of United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.As an artist, she demonstrates the infinite possibilities of art with her unique creative energy. Patty Lin said: “Life is used to enhance the dimension. If it is just life, it will too empty.Although art is far less important than life, with art, life will be enriched.”Using the perspective of Art therapy, she leads the audience to pay attention to physical and mental health and care for disadvantaged groups and other related issues.The speech was full of positive vibes, arousing enthusiastic responses from the audience and make the new and innovative perspectives into the topic of equal rights. 

 Artist Patty Lin( Pei-Ting Lin)

Lovetree Foundation Chairman-James Wei (I-Lung Wei) (Left 1) & CEO-Tony Yuan (Chia-Fu Yuan) (Left 2)

       When Zoe Liu ( Tzu-Yu Liu ) explored the dynamics of digital equity, weaving her own experiences with the mission of the women’s organization “Ta Zhi Dao,” she outlined strategies for cultivating a welcoming, secure, and respectful environment for women in the blockchain industry. Through event coordination, collaborative efforts with government entities and businesses, they strive to provide a platform for women to showcase and enhance their skills. Their initiatives have reached over 60 cities globally, highlighting their significant potential for expansion. Finally, jazz pianist Yu-Tung  Lin and musician Shih-Hsin Huang’s musical performance brought the forum to a perfect conclusion.

Social Lead of Ta Zhi Dao-Zoe Liu ( Tzu-Yu Liu )

Pianist-Yu-Tung  Lin (Left) & Musician-Shih-Hsin Huang (Right) 

      In the future, this extraordinary forum will continue by integrating the perspectives of various experts and expressing gratitude to the participants. This forum will serve as an important platform for jointly exploring global equity issues, aiming to promote equal, diverse, and inclusive social development.

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