Netherlands, Rosmalen — World’s First Web3 Native Metaverse Platform Revolutionizes Digital Interaction

In an era where the digital world is rapidly evolving, one particular platform has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of GameFi. This platform, the world’s first web3 native metaverse, is redefining the boundaries of digital interaction with its innovative tech partnerships, exciting new IP collaborations, and advanced security and privacy measures. It is an ultra high-capacity metaverse boldly named, “Life”. Under the stewardship of a project called AZTEQ Metaverse, the evolution of Life has been high-velocity and shows no signs of slowing down.

Innovative Tech Expansion

The strategy for growth seems to be go big or go home. Last year the project took on collaborations with major brands including Lenovo, Disney, NVIDIA, SafeSwap and Nike SWOOSH. The push for technological innovation comes with an announcement to provide staking capabilities via partner SafeSwap. The roadmap involves staking for both tokens and NFTs in combination. This will allow owners of playable items and purchased land to stake assets in an integrated and player friendly way. Another gaming innovator to join the fold is Millburn Pennybags, bringing a well loved figure from the Hasbro game Monopoly, into the AZTEQ Metaverse. With an in-world venue providing the ability to buy tickets and win prizes based on blockchain technology with jackpot bots and smart contracts to govern transactions. The player model leverages the lottery system, where the more players there are, the bigger the prizes. The team at AZTEQ Metaverse is also in talks with a trailblazing decentralised finance provider that is empowering players to launch their own tokens with ease. The crossover between day-trader and night-gamer continues.

Exciting New IP Partnerships

In addition to its expanding tech footprint, the platform has also entered into strategic alliances with several intellectual property (IP) holders. These collaborations have resulted in expanded access to familiar brands and fandoms of pop-culture assets. The trend continues this year with Hasbro agreeing to open up the Transformers property, Nintendo granting access to the Pokemon property and fashion and beauty icons Amiri, Maybelline and MAC Cosmetics all striking up key alliances in the first quarter alone. The brace of companies already well versed and familiar with branding, user journeys and engagement in the metaverse paradigm is growing. Combining the commercial and social media aspects of a web3 native metaverse seems to be appealing to a variety of established and well-known global brands. Another franchise making an appearance in the AZTEQ Metaverse stable is The Mandolorian. The much lauded hit show from Disney and Star Wars, is working with the design and engineering teams over at the pioneering metaverse. In another move to power-up the Visual Development program, AZTEQ Metaverse has newly partnered up with ArtKing Studio, an awarded and deeply experienced collective of graphical geniuses based in the Netherlands. They aim to bring high-end 3D art from a galaxy, far, far away, much closer to home. 

Early results were already showcased in February this year, demonstrating the ability to apply custom skins from the TV franchise and add them to 3D playable models based on avatars from players own NFT collections. These currently include Nakamigos, Wonkey Donkey, BAYC, MFers, and Disney Pinnacle.  If you happen to have Pepe, Floki and Shib Inu in your virtual asset explorer you can morph into those avatars too! The options are wide-ranging and another industry first.

Advanced Security and Privacy Measures

Security and privacy are paramount in the digital world, and this platform has taken extensive measures to ensure that users can explore the metaverse with peace of mind. The platform utilizes state-of-the-art encryption technologies to protect user data, and its privacy policies are designed to give users control over their assets and information. These collaborations have resulted in unique features such as seamless integration with various blockchain networks, enabling users to interact with digital assets in a more immersive and intuitive way. The nexus of interconnectivity, security and privacy comes to the fore with a new alliance with BlockBlend is a suite of crypto privacy services aimed at retail crypto users that provides them the tools to secure their on-chain privacy. AZTEQ Metaverse already enables users to play, earn and spend inside the same ecosystem via it’s AZTEQ coin. They now have an option to spend that AZTEQ coin as they would spend FIAT currency, on a virtual VISA/Mastercard transaction in the real world. They say that crypto never sleeps and neither does the need for vigilance in the cybersecurity arena. Work continues on all fronts for optimising player security options. Recently, the AZTEQ smart contract has been passed by security audit firm Audit.SC with flying colours.

The world’s first web3 native metaverse platform is not just a gaming platform; it’s a revolutionary digital ecosystem that’s transforming the way we can interact with the digital world. With its innovative approach to immersion, experience and security,the platform is setting the standard for what the metaverse can and should be. 

Check out to the AZTEQ Metaverse team through the X platform and join our communities on Discord & Telegram for questions and news.

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